Get To Know Me

Get To Know Me

Hi!  Welcome to my online boutique.  I'm so excited you decided to check it out!   This post is simply a small informational to allow you to get to know me and my purpose for pursuing this new endeavor.

First of all, let's say a few things about me.  I am a mom, a wife, a college student, and a full time employee.  I enjoy learning new things that affect the environment and the world we live in!  I find differences in others fascinating and usually try to keep an open mind about differences in everyone around me.  I am a busy bee, and sometimes I find it hard to shift focus away from projects that I am passionate about.  I also love to read devotionals and self improvement articles!

Now that you know a few fun facts about me, let's move on.  I started toying with the idea of creating my own online boutique a few years ago, however I had some setbacks.  First of all, I had no room for storing items!  (My husband would probably lose it if I tried to pack on more thing that I don't need in my house 🤣.) Secondly, I didn't know the first thing about building a website, but thanks to Shopify, I have overcome that hurdle.  And lastly, I was just worried I didn't have time to add one more thing to my already full plate.  But then, I started thinking.  I really do enjoy playing with the creation of my website, and I have a passion for fashion trends, so this is more of a hobby for me. 

My hopes are for you to be able to find high quality items that I have hand selected that help bring you every ounce of confidence built within you.  Happy shopping!

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