Let's Go Over the Basics!

Let's Go Over the Basics!

Hi! Welcome back!  I know a lot of people are always hesitant about ordering online because they haven't tried on the item.  This post is here to provide you with basic information that can be used when ordering from almost every online boutique.  I am talking about how to take your own body measurements!

What I love the most about my online boutique is just how easy it is to determine the correct size of the items.  In each description, the Length, Sleeve Length, Stetch, and Product Measurements are all provided. Take a peak at what it looks like!

Now that we have that established, let's take a look at how to take your own measurements!

Remember B=Bust, C=Waist, and F=Hip.

Some helpful tips:

  • Always order a size up if you are in between sizes.  Seams of clothing can always be taken in, however, cannot always be let out.
  • Understand your vertical body measurements.  There is nothing worse than buying an item and it is much shorter than expected.  Remember an item can be shortened but it is difficult to add Length.
  • Last but not least, take into account your own comfort level.  It is very hard to feel confident in something being worn when it excentuates the areas of our bodies that we are least comfortable with.

That's it! It is that simple!  Feel free to send me any other questions you may have!

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